How to use QUIZZES to grow your email list – Apple is Doing it too

Program name: The Ask Method

Owner: Ryan Levesque

Rating: 10/10

Signed up: I am a current student of the program

It’s So Weird it Just Might Work

Want to know the one weird tweak that’s responsible for growing one business from $12,788/month to $117,604/month…

And that’s currently generating 52,326 email subscribers PER DAY?



Now, if you had told me this a few years ago, I would have laughed like crazy. But that’s before I saw what Ryan Levesque is doing.

He’s using a method so powerful that it catapulted him from making $0 to $25,000 a month in 18 months in his very first business selling orchid care guides…  Imagine that!

And the best part is, it works in any business….

From mega-corporations like Apple… LEGO… and Tesla…

To solo online businesses that are just starting out, like mine.

And in this NEW video training series…

He’ll be breaking down the “ASK Phenomenon”…

The counterintuitive way of using surveys…

That lets you figure out what people want to buy…

BEFORE they even know it themselves.

And how YOU can build or grow a successful business using the SAME method.

Now, Ryan’s been teaching about the ASK Method for a few years now…

But there are some new things that he’s NEVER revealed publicly…

Until now.

It’s all here in this FREE training video:

Ask Method 


Ryan teaches a simple Google trick that I think you’re going to LOVE. It gives you the ability to peer deeper into your market, or any market you desire.


My Review of the Program

I joined the Ask Method Masterclass back in July 2017 and what I’ve been learning is revolutionary.

At first, I thought the investment was a bit too high.

But then Ryan offered a 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.

So I thought, what the heck. I’ve got NOTHING to lose.

So I delved right in – head first.

After starting, I was wondering if I was way in above my head.

The teachings were more advanced than I had originally bargained for, but Ryan showed us how anyone could use the methodology – those now starting off an online business with absolutely no leads, lists or contacts.

I’m still in the class, on the second module – Segmentation.

There are three modules with over 70 classes in total. All broken down in easy to follow formats.

You’d get workbooks, a T-Shirt and other cool stuff delivered in the mail.

You get to join the exclusive Facebook community where you can share and learn and grow with other like-minded individuals.

Module 1 – Discovery – Understanding your market and learning to speak their language using the Ask Method.

Module 2 – Segmentation – Breaking up your Niche into smaller groups to optimize sales using the Ask Method.

Module 3 – Launch – Launching and scaling your business to boost traffic, grow leads, and increase sales using the Ask Method.

What was more amazing is that Ryan opened up the back end of his own business and showed us exactly what he does, step by step, to reach success.

He even did a case study of a newbie just like me. He is the owner of Fuzzy Yellow Balls. And sells tennis lessons online.

After implementing the Ask Method techniques in his business he went from nearly $0 to over $60,000 in revenue in a matter of a couple of months.

Fuzzy Yellow Balls even opened up the back end of his business and showed us what he did step by step, to reach success. It was amazing.

Even if the Ask Method is not for you, you can still take advantage of this free training video series here.

4 Comments to How to use QUIZZES to grow your email list – Apple is Doing it too

  1. Lainey says:

    Very informative. I had no idea that survey and quizzes can propel profits and customer base for an online business. It looks worth investigating further for those wanting to make money online. And it’s a comfort that this program offers a money-back guarantee. I also appreciate the seller of the package revealing his business back-end to explain his techniques in working the modules. I suppose it takes time to go through an extensive compilation of information, but that’s what one would want when spending money for a method program.

    • Kevon Wilson says:

      People just love quizzes. Just look at what’s trending on Facebook. Quizzes are very popular. So why not use quizzes in a strategic way to get real insights into your markets. Plus, it’s areal lead generator as well.

      I’m really loving everything I’ve learned so for from the training program at Ask Method. It’s amazing. You’d think just posting a quiz is all that was needed, but there are some important steps and techniques that are required to get it done properly and to really grow your business.

  2. Furkan says:

    Man it seems great and I also want to start email marketing. I know a few things but I am really interested in the Ask Method. It seems like this method made the difference. I will definitely get it before I start email marketing.

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