Congratulations on Becoming A Wealthy Affiliate Member

Follow the instructions below to get the most out of your Wealthy Affiliate experience


Getting You Started

By now you should have already registered at Wealthy Affiliate. If you haven’t done so as yet, then no problem, you can do it now

After you have created your account the next most important task would be to create your profile. First add an image. Some add random abstract images, but if you want to really get noticed and support from the community I highly recommend to put a real image of yourself.  Then you need to add your story. Give the community a little information about yourself. Who you are, what was your online journey like up to this point, and what you wish to get out of your Wealthy Affiliate experience.

Here are some quick instructions on how to get your profile up and running at Wealthy Affiliate.

Step 1 Click on the blank profile image and a drop down menu will appear

Step 2 Click on My Profile in the drop down menu.

Step 3 Click Edit Your Profile Here (the big green button) in the middle of the page.

Step 4  Then go ahead and click Add an Image Here to upload your profile image (and as I said, my recommendation is to use a real picture of yourself).

Although this may appear to be a very simple and unimportant task, it actually is the first step towards building your business. Doesn’t seem so right? Here are some definite benefits to setting up your profile at Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. A profile makes you a real person. In this way you become more approachable within the community and this leads to better networking.
  2. You stand a considerably better chance of growing your follower base within the community.
  3. Your fellow online entrepreneurs are more likely to give you support or take you seriously if you have a real image and an honest description of who you are.
  4. Adds a level of credibility within the community
  5. It shows others that you are taking this seriously and that you mean business.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your Wealthy Affiliate experience:

  1. Take the training seriously. Follow every step. Do not take any short cuts. Even if you feel you already know much about a particular topic still do the training. You may learn something new. And that’s precisely what you are paying for right?
  2. While the community support and networking is extremely important, do not get carried away. Stay focused and do not get distracted by ‘small talk’. You are here for business and while you may make a few friends along the way, keep your ultimate objective in mind. Unless your ultimate objective is to hang out and make friends with other Wealthy Affiliate members, then cool.
  3. Ask questions. If you feel stuck on a particular topic or task, ask for help. You can post questions in the Live Chat and others will give you feedback.
  4. Use the search bar. Live Chat isn’t the only place to get help. There are hundreds of topics covered at Wealthy Affiliate. Just enter a search term for the area you need and there would probably be a classroom, training course or blog about it.
  5. Pay it forward. One of the biggest principles at Wealthy Affiliate is that we are a community supporting one another. And there are plenty of opportunities to do so – Live Chat, Comments, Feedback, Blogging, Open Education, etc. As you go through the training you’d be directed to these opportunities. Take full advantage of them and really use them to support your fellow online entrepreneurs. The more you give, the more you get.


Look out for my welcome message on your profile. Although Im super busy I will try my best to communicate with you as often as I can. Feel free to drop me a private message inside Wealthy affiliate whenever you are really stuck with something. I am here to help.

There will be a getting started link in the welcome message on your profile wall.

If you’ve missed it, then hit the link below and watch the two videos in Task 1 and Task 2.

As described in my email, here’s the special link.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1


“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

                     – Ben Franklin